USD 437 Staff Website

Completed onAugust 2018

The USD 437 Staff Website is built to provide staff with forms, tools, and information related to work at USD 437. This site includes a complex security system allowing users to sign in via LDAP and/or from a database with fine control over manipulating the 50+ entities and content across the website. It includes several features including logging, notifications, alerts, forms, feedback, classified ads, polls, quizzes, and newsletters.

I am the sole developer and designer of this website building it from the ground up utilizing Symfony, Bootstrap, webpack, Git, and several other modern tools.


Apache Bootstrap4 Composer Deployer Doctrine Git MySQL NetBeans PHP7 Sass SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Symfony3.4 TWIG webpack Yarn


Responsive Design

The responsive, mobile-first design guarantees the content of the website will always look good regardless of the size of the screen.


The security system allows users to sign in via LDAP or a database securing access to pages and assets using a comprehensive set of roles and permissions.


Detailed logging tracks application activity in rotating log files. Additionally, error logs are added to a database for easy viewing and critical errors are emailed for immediate attention.


Users are able to subscribe to receive notifications via email when specific entities are added, updated, or removed.


Appropriate staff are able to compose newsletters utilizing an HTML editor that can simultaneously be posted to the website and sent as an email.

50+ Entities

The database contains over fifty entities to control content across the website. Access can be given to specific users to create, update, or delete records from specific entities using a custom CMS.


Site-wide alerts can be created to display important information viewable on every page on the website. Alerts can be dismissed and hidden.

Forms and Documents

A unique entity allows departments to create new forms and documents. New versions of these forms and documents can be created as they change year by year and multiple file types or websites can be specified for each version.

Classified Ads

Users are able to post items for sale viewable by other staff. Images can be posted alongside the ad.


Specific staff can create polls as a simple way to collect periodic feedback from users.