My journey in web development started in 2008 starting with basic knowledge in HTML and CSS. Later learning JavaScript and PHP, I completed my first, major project in 2011.

Ever since I started web development, I have never stopped learning and have loved every second of it. It is such an evolving field with such a large community. There is so much satisfaction in having an idea and creating it to see it come to life. The problem solving that is required is also a welcomed challenge, making the process that much more satisfying in the end.

I seek places where I can continue to learn and grow and where people are just as passionate about their work as much as I am. Working at a place where I can help other people or businesses by providing them with the website and tools they need is my ideal fit. All of my past jobs have focused on that key goal: helping others. Continuing a career with this goal in mind is very important to me.

Summary of Qualifications

Languages Known


Additional Strengths


Auburn-Washburn USD 437
Web Developer
  • July 2016 -Present
  • Maintain and develop staff and public websites prioritizing accessibility and uniformity across devices.
  • Facilitate meetings with staff to continually improve and provide helpful and engaging content for teachers, students, parents, and members of the community.
  • Promptly respond to users’ requests for updating content and troubleshooting.
Lonnie Q's BBQ
General Employee
  • May 2011 -March 2018
  • Develop and maintain website utilizing the latest web standards and practices.
  • Serve customers and respond to their needs through personal, email, and social media interaction.
  • Prepare restaurant to ensure a pleasant experience for customers and facilitate a positive environment.
Auburn-Washburn USD 437
Summer Computer Technician
  • May 2015 -September 2015
  • May 2014 -August 2014
  • May 2013 -August 2013
  • Provide maintenance and support for users of computers and peripherals in free standing and network environments.
  • Respond to users’ requests for help and provide troubleshooting/training.
  • Work in a small team or individually to update computer hardware and software as needed across twelve buildings.
University of Kansas
Resident Assistant
  • August 2014 -May 2015
  • August 2013 -May 2014
  • August 2012 -May 2013
  • Foster social responsibility by demonstrating ethical conduct, encouraging responsible behavior, and enforcing policy.
  • Attain leadership, communication, crisis management, and conflict-problem solving skills by cultivating relationships and community through regular interaction with 60+ residents, Student Housing staff, and partners of Student Housing.


University of Kansas
B.G.S. Film & Media Studies
Minor in Business
August 2011 - May 2015